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Download the Fetch Rewards app, use code “F7DN4” when you sign up and receive 2000 points when you snap your first receipt!

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fetch rewards

The Low Down

Fetch Rewards awards points for items on almost ANY printed or digital receipt. While there are a few exceptions, like gas receipts, there aren’t many. Receipts must be a traditional, itemized receipt.

In the app, you can take a “snap” of your receipt and upload it. You can also connect an email account the app will scan for online receipts. Receipts must be uploaded within 14 days of purchase.

You do not have to “pre-select” offers for this app. However, if you purchase “preferred” items, you will receive more points.

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Rewards System: Points are rewarded for uploaded receipts from 5 to 25 points, if there are no “preferred” items on the receipt. Receipts that have Fetch Rewards “preferred” products, get additional point rewards.

Payment System: Points can be redeemed for gift cards to an assortment of locations, such as Amazon, Ulta, Best Buy and many, many more! Gift Card amounts start at $3 which equals approximately 3,000 points, depending on the gift card you choose.

Summary: Earning points in this app add up quite quickly. In 2020, I earned 13,000 points in six months, which isn’t too shabby for simply scanning receipts.

Download the Fetch Rewards from the app store, use referral code “F7DN4” and add 2,000 points when you upload your first receipt! Easy Money!!!

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Mandy Laningham

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Mandy Laningham

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