Invitation is website that provides hundreds of referral codes to different apps. There is a browser extension for the site to make searching for codes easier.

What is a referral code? 

A referral code allows you to sign up for accounts with apps and/or websites and receive a reward, points or cash back, awarded to your acount when you sign up. gives you 20 coins = $20 for signing up for an account. 

This post contains affiliate links- meaning if you click and choose to make a purchase or to sign up through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! See our privacy  page for more information. icon

The Low Down is a website that has hundreds of referral codes for many different apps/websites. By joining, it allows you to post your own referral codes for other people to use. This not awards you points/cashback in your app/website accounts, but also gives a new user to the app/website to receive instant points/cash back.

Signing up is free. They have a paid account, but the free version provides ALOT of amenties. They have a browser extension which allows you to serach for referral codes on the fly.

Create an account: Click on this link: Choose a username and go thru the simple process to set up your account. You can begin posting referral codes immediately and earning coins by posting your codes on your blog and social media sites. This site gives you visibility like no other!

Rewards System: There are many ways to earn coins for your account. You can use them to boost your posts on Invitation for more visibility or to upgrade your account. You can earns coins 10 different ways, such as linking your refferal codes page to your website or referring friends with your referral code. 

Summary: I joined Invitation one week ago, have posted 36 referral links and have gotten 19 subscribers to use my referral codes to various apps and websites. I have earned free rewards to those apps/websites that I wouldn’t have just doing my normal “refer a friend” program.

Sign up for an Invitation account today! It genuinly has helped me spread the word and get referrals!

Mandy Laningham

Mandy Laningham

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