Welcome to The Cheap Zone. My name is Amanda “Mandy” Mae Brown Laningham, and I am 45 years young.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Education and a Master’s degree in Information Technology. I am a full time computer nerd, but my secret passion is saving money and cooking.  I have four beautiful children, an amazing husband and am also the lucky stepmom to his four children. Born in Fort Benning, Georgia, I grew up as an “Army Brat” all over the world. I have enjoyed phenomenal cuisines and laid eyes on history that not many people get to experience in a lifetime. As much as I appreciate my childhood experience, Georgia will always be my home. I spent summers and every holiday at my grandma’s house in south Georgia.

Being Georgia Born and Georgia Bred, I have an intense love of Georgia Bulldog Football.  My Dad, would watch or listen to the Dawg game no matter where we were living at the time. He would scream and yell at the TV and do happy dances when they scored. Let me be real….Georgia Football flows thru my veins. As an adult, I inherited the same ability to scream, yell and do happy dances when watching Georgia Football because of my Dad. I think the best and most special times my Dad and I have ever had included Georgia Bulldog Football.  I can assure you that on Saturday’s in the Fall I am Hollering “Go Dawgs” and doing my happy dance.

I hope that my blog inspires you to get all the savings you deserve, so you can spend it on the important things in life.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy!